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Engine Repair

At Emmett's Mechanical, we offer affordable engine repair services, as well as full engine replacement.

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Tires and Wheels

Whether it's new tires or a simple tire rotation, Emmett's Mechanical can get your car driving smooth again.

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Fluid Exchanges

Our fluids exchange service helps ensure that car fluids are filled to the proper level and are checked for cleanliness and leaks.

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Why is Maintenance Important?

Car maintenance is usually not one of our favourite activities in life.

Most of the time, we take for granted that our cars are in proper driving condition.  General car maintenance can help to prevent a breakdown while driving by ensuring that your car is in optimal driving condition at all times.  A well maintained car may also mean you're less likely to make a claim on your car insurance, potentially resulting in lower premiums over time.

Remember these car maintenance tips

Car Care Tips

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Tip 1

Regular Oil Changes Top the List
At the top of the list of importance is your cars regularly scheduled oil change. This service helps ensure that your car runs efficiently and that your engine is well maintained. Old oil, or not enough oil in your vehicle, can lead to overheating of the engine or other major engine and motor problems that can be expensive to fix.

Tip 2

Remember to Rotate
Most car care experts suggest you get a complete tire rotation at least once every couple times that you change your oil. Tire rotations can help prevent uneven wearing of the treads. Your tires are the foundation of your car's base and its connection to the road, so worn or improperly maintained tires could be a big safety problem.

Tip 3

Got Air?
Another often neglected and very simple car maintenance tip is checking and filling the air in your tires. Tyre pressure goes down over time just from natural use, but it can go down more quickly if there's a leak or deficiency. It's important to have the right amount of pressure and to have an even amount of pressure in your tires

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